Friday, November 11, 2011

Style of Sex Attract Women | Healthy Live Tips

In sexual intercourse, there are some styles that are preferred by women when having sex. some styles are preferred by women in are as follows.

1. Missionary style

Style or sex positions on this one they have known since the days-old courtship. Although not up to having sex. Before-before they have sex without penetration. Yuli position which has been crushed by Dedi they run even though they know his name is Style Missionary after they were married.

In the style of the Missionaries, the position of women under and above men. This style is not recommended if your wife is understandable because it can be painful for her.

2. Women on Top, Men at the Bottom (Woman on Top)

For Yuli Style Woman on Top is her favorite style. Yuli said, by being in the body of her husband, he can control himself and set a good position for himself. Do love the style of this model, according to Yuli excited and quickly reach orgasm.

In the style of Woman on top, women hold more control than in men. Romance style is usually in lakoni by a couple young people who had just married.

3. Spoon Style

Love the style of this one is similar to a spoon. In which sexual positions are in addition to his wife lying next to her husband. Temporal husband is behind a wife and penetration with both hands free to hold or embracing wife from behind.

4. Faced Spoon Style Sex

This style is a husband and wife sleep together berseblahan but face to face with each other. One leg lift his wife in order to allow the husband to penetrate. Love this style is perfect if your wife is pregnant.

5. Sitting Position style lovemaking

This style is usually done in a fairly harsh repose. Husband and wife sitting on the lap in position, face to face. Then the husband to penetrate from the front. Love this style create a hands-free parties and making out with each other are also great opportunities. While performing penetration could put his arm around her husband's wife or husband can hug the body tightly wife.

6. Doggie Style

Style doggie style is usually very in love by men for wife's curves can be seen clearly and pelvis and buttocks look very beautiful wife makes him very happy. In addition, it makes the vagina doggie style wife becomes more dense and the position of the penis can go full into the vagina. Weakness if not done foreplay beforehand, she will usually feel very sick.

7. Non-penetrative sex

For an alternative style of sex that could be a good choice for emergency cases is a style of non-penetration sex. Sex is not to insert the penis into the vagina but by stimulating or hug each other till orgasm.

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