Friday, November 11, 2011

Style Sex for Fat Guys | Healthy Live Tips

True sex can be enjoyed by everyone, whether he is male or female. But sometimes there are certain problems that interfere with pleasure when having, one of which is weight loss. Some men with excess body weight is very difficult claim to make some style when having sex. Body fat makes them difficult to position and satisfy your partner.

Indeed obese men can enjoy sex as much as normal men do. The requirement is simple, you must have good stamina and mastered several sexual positions. To be more clear, here we have written some tips and sexual positions that are suitable for obese men.

1. Missionary position
When making love with sexual positions missionary or man on top, use a buffer and place it on the bottom of her ass so that vaginal penetration is at right angles to the penis. Buffer can be a cushion, pillows are used depending on the amount of weight he is. When doing this position, his hand must be balanced and to keep from falling bodies pressed against the woman.

2. Sideways position

In this sex position, still use a pillow as a buffer. The woman in a lying position to the side and bend your knees (like a bent position the baby in the womb). Put a few pillows under your butt and start doing the female partner penetration by inserting the penis into the vagina slowly.

3. Woman on Top Position
Also called Cow Girl or the woman on top. In the woman on top sex position man can put some pillows on his butt and let the female partner to penetrate and dominate the entire sex session. Another variation of woman on top is perfect for a fat man is a woman crouched on the men and do movements up and down.

4. Flying Feet
This is an alternative style missionary position. Women are under with one foot on the lift to the shoulders of men. Use a pillow under her hips for support or lift the hips so that her butt did not touch the woman's bed. This position will facilitate the fat-bodied men to penetrate into the Miss V.

5. Doggy Style Position
Sex positions doggy style done by inserting the penis from behind. While men can relate to additional stimulation to the woman by touching her breasts or clitoris from behind. Some women and men admitted having an orgasm quickly while performing this position.

6. Do the exploration and practice
Many ala kamasutra sex positions you can learn and develop with a partner. Perform only position that makes you both comfortable, do not impose a difficult position and continue to explore to find new positions. This will allow you to enjoy sex just like men other normal-bodied men. In essence, the fat weight is not the reason you can not enjoy sex.

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