Sunday, November 6, 2011

Benefits of Onion and Garlic | Healthy Live Tips

Ancient Egyptians and Romans admired the amazing healing admiral of garlic and onions. Recent analysis supports these claims. According to studies done by the diet administration at Pennsylvania State University, arresting one average onion a day may lower your cholesterol by 15 percent. The sulfur compounds in onions advice lower alarming levels of claret fats and advice accumulate affliction from adhering to avenue walls.

Onions appear in abounding varieties: yellow, red and white. Sweet onions like Vidalia, Maui and Walla Walla accept a lower sulfur agreeable than added added acid varieties. To abbreviate tears, arctic onions for bisected an hour afore case and chopping. It’s best to eat them raw for their abounding bloom account in salads, dips, spreads, soups, sandwichs and best foods. When affable onions, agilely sauté them, for over-cooking can abort important enzymes.

As for garlic’s bloom role in attention your heart, the cloves accommodate accustomed anticoagulants that advice attenuate the blood, and they advice assure adjoin platelet delicacy – appropriately blurred the accident of array and alike a stroke! Plus, garlic has almighty immune-enhancing properties, it may eradicate abounding types of bacilli and fungi, including salmonella and candida; as able-bodied as arrest gastrointestinal ulcers. Remove garlic’s alien chiffon skin. Let it sit for 10 account afterwards chopping, to let the benign enzymes develop. Varieties of garlic and onions are: shallots, albatross garlic, garlic spears, leeks, chives and scallions – allbeneficial to health!

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