Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Types of Diabetes | Healthy Live Tips

WHO has defines three types of diabetes:

Diabets Type 1, usually tediagnosa kanak.is since the age of infancy, usually diagnosed in childhood. The patient's body produces little insulin or even totally not produce insulin, therefore, to survive the patient must receive insulin injections every day. Without setting the daily, emergencies can occur.

Type 2 diabetes, more common than type 1 and reached 90% or more of seluruhj cases of diabetes. It usually occurs in adulthood. In type-2, the pancreas does not make enough insulin to keep blood sugar levels remain normal, seringkasili because the body does not responds well to insulin tersebut.Kebanyakan people do not realize had been suffering from type-2 diabetes, although the situation has become very serious. Diabetess type 2 sudha be commonly experienced in the world and in Indonesia, and the numbers continue to grow due to unhealthy lifestyles, obesity and lazy to exercise.

Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar condition that occurs during pregnancy, occurs in people without diabetes. Umunnya will return to normal after pregnancy.

Diabetes mellitus ranks 4th in the ranking murderer. International Diabetes Federation Congress in 2003 said that about 194 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. In Indonesia alone recorded 2.5 million people and is expected to continue to grow.

Many risk factors of diabetes, including:

Father or mother, brother or sister with diabetes (heredity)
Age over 45 years
Gestational diabetes or giving birth to a baby weighing over 4 kg
High blood pressure
Figures Triglycerid (molekuk one type of fat) is high
High cholesterol levels
Modern lifestyles tend to consume lots of instant foods.
American diabetes Association (ADA) recommends to check for diabetes minmal every three years for man, woman. For high risk are encouraged to be more frequent again.


Type-1 diabetes:

Thirst is often
Frequent urination
Weight continues to drop, but continued high appetite
Throw up

Diabetes Type 2:

Quick to feel hungry and thirsty
Frequent urination, especially at night
Easily tired, often feel sleepy.
Blurred vision
Often tingling, especially in the feet and hands
Losing weight fast without any effort
Itching of the external genital
Decreased sexual desire and impotence tends
If exposed to infection, a long recovery.

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