Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Sharpen Memory | Healthy Live Tips

Given an activity that has always done the brain every second, How to Sharpen Memory can and can actually make the brain more fresh than usual you can get here ...

At first the brain are recording memory available, then save it, if you want to remove it again, the brain must recall what has been kept, well the process to make that message out is called recall.

So if we explain in a clear, if the brain is doing the remembering, will involve the right brain and left brain, because the right brain and left brain are equally play a part in that activity. Why is that?
Stored in the right brain, long-term memory, and stored in the left hemisphere of short-term memory, they are different, because again according to its function,, the left brain function in nature things that count, logic, and the controller calculates a person's IQ.

If the right brain, is part of the brain that functions in the development of EQ in which a person can feel and integrate the expression of the body, such as dancing, singing etc ...

How to Sharpen your memory can do the things below:
- Get used to memorize, memorize can make the brain more active. In this case the brain is trained to remain active.
- Do the gymnastics of the brain
- Get used to record, noting memflashback will familiarize you've stored memory.
- If you have received many messages you get used to taking a break to rest his brain.
- Note the workings of the brain do not be too long, to think of the brain, because that would make the state the brain become increasingly weak and declining memory.

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